PWM OUT HS to control proportional valve "D1FBE01HC0NJJ3"

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I'm using the expansion module XC43 to control valves, usually, I use Cout to control proportional valves but I run out of current output pins " I have 13 valves" I'm wondering if I can use PWM OUT HS to control D1FBE01HC0NJJ3 " Proportional directional valves in general " also L90LS, P70? Because it seems for me that PWM is only to control pulsar valves that have some frequency working value.  

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Our main problem with using PWM OUT HS for proportional valves is there is no temperature compensation. The function will get slower as the temperature of the load increases.


Yes, the MC4x/XC4x PWM out HS can be used as a "poor mans" proportional output when you run out of COUT:s. 

The PWM out HS can also be used if your coil needs a slightly higher or much lower current than the COUT range. But with the 24V coil, (option J for Parker D1FB CETOP 3/NG6 valve), you are well within the range for a COUT. 

As Tim points out, an open control PWM out HS means you do not get any compensation for variation in temperature (or supply).

Also, when using PWM out HS, you need to fit an external clamping diode, see MC4x/XC4x user manual. 

Further reading on open control PWM vs COUT: https://forum.iqan.se/communities/5/topics/686-why-pwm-instead-of-cout