IP Cameras HTTP Streaming Phone Screen

ksilovich 1 year ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Lars Bolduc 1 year ago 3

I have a project where I am trying to stream a video of my cell phone to the MD4 display.   As I want to be able to view google maps on the display for an in cab display.   

I noticed in this post that it looks like the MD4s support HTTP streaming,  


And I found this app that will do HTTP streaming via MJPEG


And then I get an access point connected from my Phone, PC, and MD4 display. 

The phone has an ip address of, and I can view the stream on the PC, but I cannot view it on the display.  

I tried to type in "HTTP//" in the URL and that didn't work, and then I tried just the port of ":8080" in the URL.    

Can you confirm that the MD4s support HTTP streaming and if so what port are you using, as I can change that in the app settings if its not 8080.  And how would I configure this in IQAN


The MD4 did support MJPEG over HTTP, in version 3.

This was changed with the release of version 4 in 2015/2016, when the SV camera and generic camera module was added.

The generic camera module in IQANdesign support MJPEG over RTSP/RTP

Well that sucks, because I can not find any app that supports RTSP/RTP screen share streaming.     Is there a reason HTTP was removed, could it be easily be re added to the support so we could do this?  


As a note I was unable to get RTP (Raw stream of UDP packets) to work. Only RTSP (video stream addressable as a URL) worked.