XA2 VREF supply more than 5V?

Markus Seppänen 1 year ago in Expansion modules / XA2, XS2 updated by Kim 1 year ago 3


I encountered a strange problem with XA2 module.

For some reason the VREF voltage fluctuate between 5 to 5,5Volts and due to that all the VIN-channels turns on simultaneously around 0 to 30% and the crane moves without touching levers. 

Replacing XA2 module didn't solve the problem.

Is it possible that there could be some grounding issues in VREF circuit or has the MD3 display unit any affect on XA2 VREF circuit?

- Markus

It sounds as if you have VREF from one module and VIN on another module, is that so?

Then a ground level difference between the modules could cause problems. 

There's two LC6 connected to XA2 VIN inputs and VREF is also from the same module and it is shared between 6 proportional channels.

If there would be some losen connections it would be more likely to get below 5Volts from VREF I assume? We have never discovered over 5Volt reference voltage before.

I have had an issue with over 8 volts on Vref. 

But my fault was in an older MG Module and i dont realy think you have that problem in youre