Text array with free index and text import possibility

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To have an text array channel with a free index and the possibility to fill the array with importing 2 colums from exel.

Example to use: 

DM1 from engine.........you get many different SPN numbers, SAE-defined, but also proprietary SPNs.

If you have determined the SPN numbers from the actual errors, you would like to show the error text on the display.

Beside DM1, it could be very helpful for DM2..........

Now I have the SPN numbers.

For every SPN number, I use a IMAC to create an index from 0 - max.

I use the value from the IMAC as mode selector in a State Parameter.

To show only 8 random SPN error texts, it takes about 2.5 msec..........this is not the main problem.

The Design editor is now very slow: I need to show at least 24 SPN error values.

Sounds as if you are building your own DM1 decoder. Could you use the built-in DM1 functionality? 

If the problem is populating the texts and you have SPN numbers and corresponding text in a spreadsheet, then you could use the  import SPN/FMI function on the DM1 channel:

With this method, one SPN channel is generated for each SPN number in your spreadsheet. Convenient, but using quite a bit of memory. 

Another drawback with this existing method is that you need to know all SPN numbers at design time to create SPN channels that generate individual popup messages.  

But it is not always necessary to add all,  the  IQAN-MD4 DM1 viewer and DM2 viewer will list also unknown SPN:s.

Also see discussion about improving DM1 decoding here: 


Hello Gustav,

The integrated functionality for DM1 works great, especially the SPN-import function,  and I am using it.

But I am looking for a solution in combination with CANopen errors: for instance an inverter, which can generate several 100s of errors

So it is not about J1939 DM1 and SPN at all? 

Is it CANopen EMCY messages with EMCY-codes you are working on?