IQAN Store officially open

Johan Lidén (Product manager) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

Finally there is a way to purchase IQAN softwares and IQANconnect connections online from http://iqan.se/store/

Volume pricing is available for pc tools and IQANconnect connections.

Payments can be done with credit card and paypal account.

Purchase and product fulfillment are through FastSpring a trusted reseller for http://www.iqan.se/store


IQANconnect service trial license key - Web shop and extended trial period

The web store where connection keys can be purchased will be launched during the coming days. A link to the web store will be added to the forum within short. Connections purchased during September will be discounted with 50% with the use of the discount code "IQANCONNECT". The trial period is extended so you can try the service for free by using this license file valid to 30'th of September 2016.

Forum trial license september 2016.iqd

IQAN-G11 Bluetooth adapters are available to order now and you can find more detailed info here:



Instruction book: (link could be temporarly unavailable, will be fixed in the near future)



IQAN training schedule 2015 updated

Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 3
ECD training schedules for 2015 has been updated

It is possible to operate a distributor using the SV camera ?

David VRP 2 years ago updated by ALVIN NG 2 years ago 3

The camera must be able to find the middle of 2 lines of plant (vine or sugar beet), and guide to always be in the center.

As on the picture?

thank you


IQAN app development / customizing tool

Fredrik Forsberg 2 years ago 0

It would be nice to have a program like say "IQANapp" in which you can customize an iphone/android app for your machine. In that app the customer could view some information about the machine. Similar to the car manufacturers apps that are available today e.g Tesla and Volvo On Call.


Product lifetime of MD4 and XA2?

Vincent Thiele 1 year ago updated by Pawel Pekala yesterday at 10:44 a.m. 5

I'm in the process of upgrading a number systems using MDL2 modules and intend on using a MD4/XA2 combination in its place. Since this upgrade is largely due to the obsolescence of the MDL2 units I am concerned about the product line expected lifetime for the MD4s and XA2s. I remember that the MDL2s appeared to become obsolete rather suddenly, so are there any plans to make today's MD4 or XA2 modules obsolete in the next 5 years? 10 years? How would we find out when/if this status changes in the future?

Under review


mgoutier 1 year ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 4

It would seem for the past 2-3 months the MD4's I have been receiving have had much worse touch sensitivity that before. I find my self-touching a button multiple times before it actually recognizes it. I am indoors when this is happening so I do not think this is a cold weather issue. Has anyone else been seeing this issue?


Battery powered travel router is useful for connecting to MD4 using WiFi.

Ken Larsen (Product manager North America) 4 years ago updated by Jeff huntington 4 years ago 1
We have tried the Aukey PB-W2 (discontinued) and Aukey PB-W3. Just attach to the C3 ethernet port and turn on, no configuration is needed. Connect your laptop to the Aukey wireless network and you can do diagnostics from the ground instead of climbing in the machine cab.

IQANConnect for batch updates

mdaigneault 1 year ago updated 5 months ago 9

Hello IQAN Team,

We will be deploying many units to different locations, all of the same product. We would like to explore the possibility for batch updating of the IQAN software via the IQANConnect interface. Today, for updates, we will have to manually connect to each system, one by one, while it is online and not in function, to update it. This is ok for 1 or 2 units, but not optimal for 100s of units that must all be updated.

What we'd like, is the possibility for the system to "auto-update" when we have a new IQAN software version available and X and Y conditions are met (system is not operational, HW matches the SW we are pushing, etc).

I understand that IQANConnect was not designed in this way, but we are exploring how this can be done, either with Connect or another app, and what are your thoughts on this. Today, all our MD4 controllers will have access to the internet via their ethernet port.

Thanks for the excellent support.

Marc Daigneault.