partly locking of application in IQAN design

Martin 3 years ago 0


we have a costumer, which would like to make an CAN-Interface for different trucks by himself.

We would like to allow this only, if we can lock in our application all things, except CAN-Interface Module for Truck.

I have tried to make some locks in the application, but this is not possible as I needed. For example I cannot lock the Menu.

Is there a possibility to lock everything, except one software module?
If not, can you program something for us?


MC3 APP In Problem

Kevin Arscott 3 years ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 3 years ago 3

I have a problem with a system that uses APP in and out between three modules, one MD4, two MC3. I have found that one MC3 does not appear to be receiving APPIN's. When I monitor the modules in IQAN Run, all modules appear to be talking successfully. When I look at IQAN Design the APPIN's on the module that's faulting says Error, Timeout and its red not green. On the module that's sending the APPOUT, the function block APPOUT is green and OK. Its almost as if the modules are not starting at the same time and the timeout for the first APP in to be received is being reached?

Is there any way of finding out more information about this error?

The machine was working OK for some time and it just happened randomly and now im unable to recover the machine. We also have other machines running this software and same software version and it appears OK.

I have extended the 50ms cycle time to 100ms,on all three modules with no success. Is there any reason why this could have happened? Running Design 3.19.9.



sandy yesterday at 3:42 a.m. • updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 9 hours ago 1

HI All.I used XA2[1] for voltage and digital inputs for MD4,While testing I got "NO Contact" Error in RED color as I did not connect any expansion units.Can I give these input values directly to MD4 with CAN and without using Expansion unit XA2[1] connection?


Do I need an I’d tag when replacing an iqan xa2

Peter 2 months ago • updated by Edward Polzin 2 months ago 1


Pawel Pekala 2 months ago 0

Any plans for bigger MD4 displays, perhaps 17"?


PWM frequency for L90 valve

ramasubramaniansathishr 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 4

Hello sir,

I am working with a Parker L 90 valve. The recommended PWM frequency is 100 to 125 hz. I wanted to understand the reason behind.Does this has anything to do with the Resistance/inductance of the coil ? Like the rise time of current in coil ?

If I run the coil with high PWM frequency say 2000 hz , will the current ever reach to maximum (I = V/R) ?

Is the recommendation of 100 hz only for avoiding switching losses or it has to do with performance as well .




Directional Pulse Count Inputs

Barnhart 3 months ago • updated by Edward Polzin 3 months ago 3

I need 8 directional pulse count inputs... Is there any hope other than using 4 XA2s? Any plans for an IQAN expansion module that can do 4 or even 8  of this kind of input?

I can't find any 3rd party CAN modules that have this type of input. It seems to be all industrial modules.