Product lifetime of MD4 and XA2?

Vincent Thiele 7 months ago • updated by mgoutier 7 months ago 3

I'm in the process of upgrading a number systems using MDL2 modules and intend on using a MD4/XA2 combination in its place. Since this upgrade is largely due to the obsolescence of the MDL2 units I am concerned about the product line expected lifetime for the MD4s and XA2s. I remember that the MDL2s appeared to become obsolete rather suddenly, so are there any plans to make today's MD4 or XA2 modules obsolete in the next 5 years? 10 years? How would we find out when/if this status changes in the future?


Overload. What does it mean?

Luke Ricker 3 years ago • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 2

From time to time on various pieces of our MDL2 equipped machines, we'll get get an "Overload" error on a COUT channel.

The COUT channel connects directly to a 350-650 mA valve solenoid that runs an engine cooling fan.

What exactly does "overload" mean in this context? If a COUT channel is basically a PWM output with current monitoring, how can the controller ever overload the output?

What are the specifics that the controller looks for to register an overload error on a COUT?




Futur plan for to use a tablet as an hmi

Jocelyn Sirois 6 months ago 0

I heard a couple months ago that it is the plan for the futur that there will be a new program that allow a tablet to run a machine, is it true or in development?


Analogue Video Encoder

Jimmy Sheen 7 months ago • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 months ago 0


Wondering if anyone happy to share analogue video encoder (brand / model / channels) that have successfully working with MD4x display?


High DPI awareness (Universal Windows Platform)

techsupport@posi-plus.com 9 months ago • updated 8 months ago 2

Would it be possible for the IQAN patform software to be made high DPI aware by the Universal Windows Platform compatibility? At the moment, IQANdesign, IQANrun etc. scale incorrectly on multiple monitors setup.



screen protection MD4

Robin arvidsson 12 months ago • updated by Vincent Thiele 12 months ago 1

Anyone found any good generic screen protection for the MD4-10 ? 

All i can find has holes or cutouts for camera etc.



CurrentOut PWM Frequency should allow Variables to be used as values

Jack Bowis 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 0

I'm designing an IQAN program to control the test stand at my company. We have a set of seven types of valves that we will actuate using Deutsche Connectors attached to the sections, and potentiometers varying the output. The different valves that we will be testing require different PWM frequencies, so I went into the COut dropdown window and found the PWM Frequency property, which has a range of acceptable integer values from 25 to 335.

I wanted give the user the ability to select which valve was being used at the time, and change the frequency of COut, so that any deutsche connector could be used for any any valve. I started creating a nested set of timers to simulate a PWM duty cycle, but eventually I dropped it and settled for dedicated output ports for each valve, on the grounds that the better functionality wasn't significant enough to warrant the investment of time and energy.

However, the improvement would take almost no time or energy if I could simply set the PWM frequency of the COut pins to the value of a variable, rather than a constant. I can see no reason why this should not be possible, and it would make ideas like this one easier to implement.


Sum of all cells in an array

mgoutier 1 year ago • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 7

Is there a way to get the sum of all of the values in an array?


Network settings to allow MC43 to connect

C. Harp 1 year ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 1 year ago 2

I need to know which ports I need to open on my firewall to allow an IQAN module to connect. 


Power saving/Idle mode for modules

Fredrik Forsberg 2 years ago • updated by Manfred_Mager 2 years ago 1


It would be nice to be able to set some kind of power saving/idle mode for a module.

Meaning it could be in power saving mode with a very low cycle time and inactivated I/O's, waiting for a trigger event.

In our application this could be used as for e.g. a diesel heater timer. Then we could integrate the diesel heater to the iqan display.