SV Camera - Flip/Mirror adjustable through function

Jason 6 years ago in Other / SV updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 3

Is it possible to make the Flip and Mirror options for the SV camera adjustable via a function on the MD4 master? 

We have an application where we use the SV as a reverse camera, but the operator can rotate his seat 180° (the screen (MD4-7) is mounted to the seat) so we need to mirror the screen when facing the other direction. We have a proxy (digital input) to tell when the seat is rotated.


Wireless transmission of SV camera feed?

Kevin 1 year ago in Other / SV 0

Has anyone had experience of wirelessly transmitting the camera feed between SV and MD4 using ethernet bridge or another method?

We have a customer that wishes to have a SV in a remote location a few hundred meters away from the screen and wireless is preferred due to the environment. I understand there would be an increase in latency but we can live with that.


multiple camera input

andyr 7 years ago in Other / SV updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3

Hi all

I have a new application requiring multiple SV cameras feeding into a MD4 master. I only need to view one or two inputs at any given time, but all four camera feeds need to be available and switchable at any time. I know i will have to use some form of ethernet switch for the multiple feeds into the C4 port of the MD4, but don't know if this needs to be a managed or un-managed switch? Has anyone out there done this sort of thing with the SV cameras, and if so can you help with the app file in the MD4 and recommend a suitable switch?

many thanks




We have done some testing with rugged ethernet switches to see if they work with the MD4 and SV cameras.

They are unmanaged switches so you only connect them and are ready to go.

These two switches were tested with three cameras (only had 3 to test with) and was found to work.

Molex DRL-750Murr

Electronik Art.-No. 58160

Test were also done on 'Moxa TN-5305' and 'Phoenix Contact FL switch 1605 M12'.

These two switches experienced problems when more than one camera were added.

Such as loosing connection to cameras or not finding them at all.