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analogue (0-10 V or 4-20mA) output from iqan

andyr 9 years ago in Other updated by Jos Lentfert 2 months ago 11
would the software designers consider adding standard industrial analogue outputs (0-10VDC and/or 4-20mA etc) as outputs options aswell as the existing current outputs to enable interfacing to external third party hardware- only option at present is to do this via third party CAN to analogue converter modules via CANopen

Interest for IQAN LSL Lever with Friction detend

Jos Lentfert 8 years ago in Levers updated by Nick Pridham 2 years ago 6
Are there more users that have interest in, or require, LSL Levers with friction detend
This for applications like throttle control, Drive control (speed) including forward/backwards, Speed control eg.

​Add photo sensor on MD4 for brightness auto adjust

Pawel Pekala 5 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 5 years ago 0

Add photo sensor on MD4 for brightness auto adjust


Power saving/Idle mode for modules

Fredrik Forsberg 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1


It would be nice to be able to set some kind of power saving/idle mode for a module.

Meaning it could be in power saving mode with a very low cycle time and inactivated I/O's, waiting for a trigger event.

In our application this could be used as for e.g. a diesel heater timer. Then we could integrate the diesel heater to the iqan display.



obsolete hardware database

andyr 1 year ago 0

i see once again on the forum desperate users are chasing around for obsolete parts to maintain existing older systems. We are a Parker distributor and Iqan specialist ourselves and as such have quite a lot of obsolete and/or older hardware on the shelf we no longer specify for our new applications- I imagine there are many others in a similar position with kit lying unused that other users need urgently. How about a forum based database or similar where holders of kit they don't need can upload details, to indicate their unwanted stockholding and potential buyers could offer against? 


When Can I expect an XC4 family of modules?

Forrest 5 years ago in Expansion modules updated by Johan Lidén (Product manager) 4 years ago 11

The MC41/42/43 looks like a great series of products, but I am reluctant to go with a 3 or 4 master system. When can we expect a series of expansion modules along the lines of the MC41/42/43? or am I stuck with the XA2 indefinately for current outputs?


IQAN-MC4x family ready for production

Johan Lidén (Product manager) 7 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by TKM 3 years ago 2

Image 559

Our latest generation of controllers are finally ready for production. The IQAN-MC4x family is the fastest and most capable controller range we have ever done. It comes in three sizes to support any application size, from the entry level task oriented control up to the high I/O configuration for complete machine control.

First out from the production line and available now for deliveries is the performance optimized version of IQAN-MC43. The IQAN-MC41 and IQAN-MC42 will start shipping next month (December 2016).

Work is ongoing with the Functional Safety versions and units capable for implementation of SIL2/PLd safety functions is planned for production Q3 2017.

Find more detailed info at: http://solutions.parker.com/LP=7632


EMIC7 - Mini joystick with pushbuttons (LC6 base)

Niklas 6 years ago in Levers / LC6 0


We have developed a new joystick for heavy duty mobile equipment. The joystick with its customized grip comes mounted on a Parker LC6 base.



  • 3-axis analogue (X,Y,Z) all with dual sensors to provide a diverse signal redundancy.
  • 7 pushbuttons with good tactile feeling.
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Light weight, only 200g.
  • Left and Right version


We have an “IQAN version” with pin assignment made for IQAN XC21 module so no extra wire harness adaptation is necessary. You’ll find that version on page 5 in the data sheet.


We are supplying this product to both small customers and larger high quantity OEMs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a quote for your project!

E-mail: info@hydraulkompaniet.se or phone +46 (0)90-121550


The joystick is developed, assembled and tested in Sweden. We ship worldwide!


Link to data sheet:



Link to our web shop where you can order them directly:





IQAN-MC4xFS SIL2/PLd controller series released

Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated 5 years ago 1

On December 15th, we released the IQAN-MC4xFS series, with safety certification by RISE. 

Image 1056

The release means that we now have SIL2/PLd versions on all three sized of the MC4x series:


You can read more about the new product in the press release.

In the press release, we make a reference to the EN 13849-1:2015 update. The EN 13849-1 standard lets machine designers create safety functions either based on electronic components certified by the manufacturer (like the MC4xFS), or design safety functions based on the EN 13849-1 architectures. 

With the original 2006 release of the EN 13849-1 standard, there was great emphasis on on calculating hardware reliability, but requirements on safety related embedded software was not as clear as in IEC 61508. Now with the new 2015 update there is a clear limit, implementation of PLr=a and PLr=b functions are accepted on standard controllers, for PLr=c and higher, the use of controllers with safety certification is necessary. 

To learn more about this topic and how to design complete safety functions in accordance with EN 13849-1, you can sing up for the IQAN focused training on functional safety

For documentation of the MC4 product series, see the instruction book.