IQAN-MD5 - release of 5" and 8"

Torbjörn Andreasson (Product manager) 2 months ago in Master modules / MD5 updated 1 month ago 2

We have now released the first two variants in the IQAN-MD5 family, the 5" and the 8" variants.

You'll need IQANdesign 7.02 to use these, which also is available.

Image 4298

Product information are available on parker.com.


The IQAN-MD4 platform will continue to be supported alongside the newly introduced IQAN-MD5 platform. Our standard End-Of-Life (EOL) process for products involves a notification given three years prior to the Last Time Buy (LTB) opportunity, followed by a period that allows for last-time purchases, with the last delivery occurring approximately two years after the LTB date.

In the long term the IQAN-MD5 platform will live longer and is a better choice for you when planning your platform moving forward.