MD4 Display Page - Dynamic Graphic Objects - Dynamic XY Co Ordinates

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I have an application where I want to show an access platform arm with 2 articulation joints: Lift & Reach. I want to draw 2 lines on the display page and connect them to the angle sensors. If the lift function is active, then the Lift line should rotate. At the same time the Reach line should dynamically recalculate its XY co ordinates to continue position itself at the end of the Lift line. I think this function calls for dynamic co ordinate properties.


IQANdesign 4.0 coming soon...

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Image 242


J1939 / Generic on the same bus

Rick 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 25

Currently its not possible to have J1939 & Generic on the same line... why not? As long as the bitcount (29) and KBPS are the same...

The thing is, I need some tricks from both systems. J1939 allows to handle engine messages more easily, and also allows to use the Page Mask byte(s), so the same PGN can be defined multiple times and split ways. But J1939 JFOUT does not allow to change the PGN programmatically, which is needed in this particular case in order to make a reusable library.

Generic JPOUTS do allow a dynamic messageID's, but don't bring the other benefits...


IQANdesign 5 released

We are happy to announce that IQANdesign 5 is released, bringing in powerful features for team collaboration and a brand new look! 

Main feature updates

New system layout 

The system layout grid view has been replaced by free positioning of the modules and buses.

Image 855

Add button Image 854
  Tool bars and context menus are replaced by an Add button in all views where you can add components. The Add button has additional features such as component search and hints.

Dynamic block diagrams 

Image 856

  Block diagrams now only shows pins that have channels assigned. Also other improvements such as pins showed separately for multi-pin channels and multiple categories for some I/O types, e.g. HS/LS categories for digital outputs.

Solution library
  Solution library added that lets you add ready-made solutions to your applications from the Add button.

External functions
  A new concept that allows you to place application logic in a file external to the project file where it is used. By doing that, you can reuse code in multiple projects, and also make it possible for two or more persons to work on the same project simultaneously.
Instances of the external function in the main project file can be automatically updated when the function in the external file is updated.

Move image and line controls in runtime
  It is now possible to control X and Y positions of images and lines using channels. This will allow you to do simple on-screen animations.

MC4x: CAN routing
  CAN routing adds a new concept of rules and exceptions to simplify routing of CAN frames between CAN ports on MC4 modules.

Software downloads

Check for updates on version 4 will direct you to any upcoming maintenance updates on that version, for downloading version 5, use these links: 

IQANdesign 5

IQANsimulate 5

IQANrun 5

IQANscript 5

IQANanalyze 5

IQANdesign 5 demo video

Features overview:

For more details, see:

IQANdesign 5.00 release notes


Touch screen slide finger option

Metalfor 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 0

Hello again, thinking that we are in an era of smartphones applications, it would be interesting to have finger slide option to control objects movement in graphics.
Actually the "System Log" page called in "action" for a text button seems to has it. But the touch area defined by programmer to handle this is not available. Some images below. The last one is an example of how this feature would help to navigate through an alarm bar.
Regards. Diego.

Image 212

Image 213

Image 214


CANopen and CANopen Safety in IQANdesign

Fredrik Forsberg 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1


It would be nice if CANopen and CANopen Safety was implemented in IQAN Design.

We see the need of CANopen Safety as most of the suppliers for components such as CAN sensors are using or are planing to use CANopen Safety as the CAN-protocol for their safety related components (ISO 13849).

Today J1939 and Generic is implemented in IQAN Design. It would be nice if there was J1939, CANopen, CANopen Safety and Generic.


Fredrik Forsberg


IQANdesign 6.08 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 11 months ago 12

Feature highlights 6.08

Support for new Bluetooth module, IQAN-G12

IQAN-G12 is a new Bluetooth to CAN gateway with improved speed and range, and a possibility to increase security.

In IQANdesign system layout, the module “G1x” is used for both G11 and G12.

Image 2998

IQAN-G12 is designed to be backwards compatible with G11 and works with previous version (4.01-6.07)

The G12 enables increased security by supporting pairing between the G12 and the Bluetooth device that connects to it. To configure pairing and control the passkey, the G1x module has new properties specifically for G12.

Bluetooth connections on IQANdesign and IQANrun

It is now possible to connect from the PC tools to a G11 or G12.

Image 2997

To use this feature, it is recommended to check that the PC has up to date drives for the Bluetooth chipset. Older chipsets may not work.

CRC parameter channel updates

It is now possible to set a custom polynomial on the CRC parameter channel. The message counter is moved to separate channel called CVC. It is used as a parameter connected to a JFIN, JFOUT, GFIN or GFOUT.

This makes it easier to implement CAN interfaces to e.g. sensors that include checksum and counter.

Image 2996

Example of CRC parameter for a Parker LORD TFD.

Touch number pad for PIN code channels

PIN code on PCC can now be entered with touch number pad. The number pad works with touch and external buttons/encoder. 

Spinner is still presented if enter PIN button was pressed with external button.

Keep connections when moving channels between function groups

If a channel is moved out of scope, IQANdesign keeps its old connections and show "invalid context" error instead of "undefined reference" error as before. This makes it easier to move channels when redesigning function group structure. 

Image 2999

Read more in release notes

Other updates include new TSC1 properties, mixing of 11-bit generic with J1939, MD4 touch improvements, easier simulation of clone files and several bug fixes.

See release notes for details:






JFIN multi-packet for PGN:s with > 8 bytes of data

Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated 5 years ago 5

In IQAN, we have had the feature for reading of DM1 for ages, and DM2 reading since version 3, but reading other PGN:s that are sent as J1939 multi-packet is more tricky.

I come across more and more applications with requests for reading other PGN:s with > 8 bytes.

With a bit of knowlege and time, it is possible for an IQANdesign user to implement reading of BAM and TP.DT using JFIN channels, but it comes at the expense of overriding the DM1/DM2 reading features. 

With a more integrated feature for J1939 multi packet, using e.g. a JFIN with length > 8 byte, requests such as these could be solved more easily:

With version 5.02  we added two features for outgoing multi-packet (DM1 and text), now might be a good time to develop incoming multi-packet further?  



New System Information channel (SIC)

Jonas Bengtsson 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 0

Would it be possible to add a SIC that holds the filename used to program the system and also timestamp of the file?

It would help us a lot to keep track of versions, specials and machines.

I know there is Version under Project Properties but it happen to often it don't get updated.

Under review

New Channel Type-Ethernet In/Ethernet Out

Nick Pridham 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mgoutier 5 years ago 5
New channel type to transmit and receive MD4 controller information to and from remote IP addresses.