Identify Pull Up / Pull Down Digital inputs on MCxx hardware in IQAN Design

David Holcomb 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 5 years ago 3

We had an issue with a customer where we were expecting to have pull-down on digital inputs on an MC41.   (we were always true on the digital input)  We identified the problem and moved to some other pins that were pull-down.  It would be very helpful if the pictorial in IQAN design would identify this on the pictorial.  (Similar to how the MC2 shows low side outputs).


IQANdesign 4.00 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Anders Båth 7 years ago 4

Highlighted features

New programming method: Qcode

Qcode is a text-based programming method available on all channels with function. For each function, it is possible to select whether to use Qcode or the classic method Object List.

Qcode makes it easier to implement more complex operations in fewer channels.

Image 243

New channel type - Finite state machine

Improved state machine with transition conditions, this makes it easier to implement functions like sequence controls.

Image 244

New component type - Comment

Comments can be placed anywhere in function groups.

Image 245

New channel type - Array Channel

The array channel is used to store multiple values in a single channel. The stored values can be accessed in other functions by indexing the array. There are also special array functions that perform operations on all values in the array such as finding min, max or average.

Image 246

Multiple instances open at the same time

Now possible to have multiple instances of IQANdesign open at the same time. Copy and paste works between instances.

Graphic measure on display

Line and bar graph display controls for IQAN-MD4. Used to draw a graph of a channel value over time.

Image 248

When using an array channel the complete array is drawn as a graph:

Image 247

Channel scope

Channels can now be made visible in other function groups than its own, either in sub function groups (protected) or the entire application (public). This reduces the need to create FGI's to access channels in other function groups. To make a channel available throughout the application, make it public. When using these as inputs, they will show up with a dashed line.

Image 249

PDF viewer

It is now possible to add PDF files to project files for viewing on IQAN-MD4.

New module type - IQAN-SV

The IQAN-SV is an Ethernet camera which requires minimal configuration. More information will follow.

Improved decoding of J1939 PDU1 (DA)

Added property "Destination address (DA)" to JFIN/JFOUT. The new property is enabled when PGN is in PDU1 range. In previous version, this had to be calculated as part of the "PGN" property.

Image 250

Resizable object group windows in function inspector

Resize the object groups to make Object List more visible.

Image 251

New connection type: IQANconnect

A new way to connect remotely via Internet where you pay per connection. The IQANconnect service is available for beta testing, more information on this will follow.

Image 259

For more details on the IQANdesign 4.00 news, see release notes.


IQANdesign 4.00 is fully compatible with project files created in version 3.


Use check for updates in IQANdesign 3 to download IQANdesign 4.00

A hint is to look through the examples and solution library files that install with version 4, you find them under:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\IQAN Files\

these files have been updated to give examples of the new functionality.


IQANdesign 6.05 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 1

Main updates

Support J1939-76

SAE J1939-76 is the standardized functional safety protocol for J1939. It meets the requirements on bus communication set out in IEC 61508, and is designed to coexist with regular J1939 traffic. Implemented in IQANdesign using new J1939 FS frame in/out channels.

Image 2484

Example shows the J1939 FS frame in channel. It reads a Safety Data Group (SDG) consisting of a Safety Data Message (SDM) and a Safety Header Message (SHM). The SDM is an ordinary J1939 Parameter Group (PG) and is defined by this channel. The reception and validation of the SHM is done automatically by using the IQANdesign JFSIN channel.

Improved request and generation of passwords

The method for request and generation of passwords is improved. Now multiple safe passwords can be requested, generated, and installed in single step operations. 

Image 2492

Also see separate news article in knowledge base, describing each step.

Support for SVG images

Vector images in SVG format is supported in display page editor.

Image 2485

Use automatic value on width to maintain easily maintain aspect ratio.

Add more ISO images to library

Added more relevant ISO 7000 symbols to library. Cleaned up old library images.

Language support for external functions

Languages and translations can now be added in external functions.

Image 2486

When updating, languages are first matched on name and language code, then manually if needed.

Improved MD4 page navigation

The IQAN-MD4 is now switching faster between display pages.

MD4 GUI Improve state picker

Image 2487

The state picker has more room for text.

MD4: Improve robustness of settings

In some rare cases, an MD4 could have a bluescreen resulting from erroneous content in settings memory. If this happened, a blank application had to be sent to recover. The MD4 now recovers with application default from any settings error.

Improve MC4x under voltage recovery

Before IQANdesign 6.03 undervoltage on the MC4x could cause it to enter critical stop, requiring manual restart. Version 6.03 introduced recovery, but some outputs were still indicating error and had to be toggled to regain OK status. Now the module will restart (at a lower voltage), so that all outputs can start up with OK status. 


For more features and fixes, see release notes:






Re-introduce XA2/XS2 as legacy modules in IQANdesign 6

Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 21

When IQANdesign 6.00 was released about a year ago, only modern modules recommend for new designs were included. 

Looking back, I think that the focus on focus on MD4- and MC4-series as the master modules on the platform has really helped in keeping up the pace on new developments. 

On the other hand, there has been some debate about this decision. 

While the older master modules like MD3 have reached their limits in terms of functionality growth, it is more feasible to keep software support for XA2/XS2 expansions in the modern master modules. 

I see two main cases for having XA2/XS2 in version 6: 

-Upgrade the many MD4 + XA2/XS2 systems that exists to benefit from version 6 features. 

-Adding  XC4x modules to existing MD4 systems without having to remove all XA2/XS2:s at once, for example to avoid having to rewire a complete machine when prototyping. 

It won't change the fact that the XA2/XS2 are mature products no longer recommended for new designs, but we are now planning on having them on a legacy tab in version 6.


Option to disable MC4x DOUT Open Load detect

J C. Crow 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by anonymous 1 year ago 8

I am using several DOUT channels on and MC43 and XC44 to drive LED lights. When we crank the engine or run the electric hydraulic pump, I get open load errors on these channels.  I already have undercurrent detection turned off on these outputs.  I am using IQAN Design This is a 12 V system. The LED light is a Grote BZ101-5, 16 W total power.  The channels are set up as a Digital Out HS. The pins used are MC43 C1-46, C1-48 and XC44 C2:49 and C2-50.

I have installed a 120 ohm pull down resistor in parallel with these lights to prevent the error.  This is a costly and undesirable way to fix this issue.  I am requesting an that the open load detection be software configurable to prevent these errors from occurring. 

Image 1995

Image 1996


IQANdesign 6 is now available

Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 18

IQANdesign 6 released

For an introduction to IQANdesign 6, see: http://solutions.parker.com/IQAN.

Main features

Integration of Matlab/Simulink blocks

IQANdesign 6 introduces a feature for integrating Simulink models; With the IQAN toolbox for the Mathworks software Simulink, a designer can generate blocks from a Simulink model of a controller, and integrate this in an IQAN-MC4x 

More information about the IQAN Simulink toolbox is found on the IQAN store, here. 

Image 1640

Implemented for IQAN-MC41, -MC42 and -MC43, the feature is not yet implemented in MC4xFS.

J1939 improvements

Multi-packet and text support on JFIN/JFOUT

It is now possible to use JFIN/JFOUT for handling both incoming and outgoing J1939 messages where the PG data length is longer than 8 bytes, multi-packet messages.

Image 1641

Text is supported by new channels TPIN/TPOUT, removing the need for the previous JTOUT channel:

Image 1642

Add Blinking Lamp status to MDGN:s for J1939 DM1 decoding, controlled by property Enable lamp flash on DM1 in a channel.

Image 1647

Improved support for J1939 Component ID and Software ID, can now be controlled by properties on a master module.

New expansion modules: XC41/XC42/XC43/XC44

The IQAN-XC4x is a new series of expansion modules based on the MC4x hardware.

Image 1643

The modules have similar I/O capability as the corresponding MC4x, and support both classic CAN and CAN FD. 

It is planned to certify the XC4x-series for functional safety, however, this is not yet done in 6.00.

New expansion bus type for higher speeds

New expansion modules XC4x have support for higher speeds, both classic CAN up to 500 kbit/s and CAN FD,  with 500 kbps as nominal bit rate and 2000 kbps as bit rate for the data field. 

Image 1645

Speed is selected on the bus and automatically detected by the XC4x. 

CAN FD is supported on MC4x and MC4xFS, on buses A to C

When this bus type is combined with classic expansion modules such as XC21, classic CAN with the lower speed 250 kbit/s must be used.

Remove modules no longer recommended for new design

IQANdesign 6 only includes the most modern target products. Following modules are no longer recommended for new designs, and are not carried over to IQANdesign 6:







XR radio

These modules will instead continue to be supported in the 5.x branch.

Other features

Measure function group utilization

Image 1646

When measuring, the function group header now shows utilization for that group. The value includes all channels and lower level function groups of the group.

COUT: Control "bidirectional" property with channel


SV camera mirror in run-time

Moved properties for flip/mirror/bitrate/HDR from the camera to video control. This means that individual video controls can have different settings. Useful e.g. for setting a lower bitrate on display pages showing multiple camera images.

Image 1649

Move property "Connect to IQANconnect" to master

Image 1648

As this property only applies for connection to the IQANconnect server via the Ethernet port (not to G11/GT), moved from group property "Connectivity" on Security node to master module. Renamed group property "IP address" to "Ethernet".

Some 6.00 updates that will also come in the 5.05 release:
  • Implement full circle mode on the gauge control
  • Support external ESC key in PDF reader
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 6.00 is available on check for updates and on IQAN store (https://www.iqan.se/store/downloads.html).


Also, see

Release notes IQANdesign

Release notes IQANrun

Release notes IQANsimulate

Release notes IQANanalyze

Release notes IQANscript


MD4 flip - rotate display 180 to mount upside down

CMTechNZ 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 9 1 duplicate

Is it possible to mount the display upside down so the plugs are at the bottom of the unit? It is for a MD4 7" display.



DM1 Messages

Mark Walser 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Chris Litwin 2 years ago 8 1 duplicate

Has there been any thought for creating a block the just decodes the DM1 messages and put them into an array or other object.  this could then be used to display the SPN, FMI, and occurrence without having to decode each message and display it.  This would be very useful based on the number of DM1 error code that need to be decoded.

  There are other software packages that have create block to handle this for both DM1 and DM2 messages.  They have incorporated an up/down scroll to scroll thru the faults held in a buffer.  You can also clear this buffer but would reload if the engine or other device sends another packet of faults.  It also handle all of the status lights that would need to displayed along with any flashing that would be required.


Vector Images

Joe 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 6

It would be so nice if we could load and resize vector images (.svg) directly on the screen in the design environment.  This would make screen layout much faster.

Under review

Setting cycle time for individual function groups

John Baldwin 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by mdaigneault 2 years ago 10 1 duplicate

Our Company has been using IQAN for several years now and continually run into issues of not enough RAM or too high of CPU ussage, causing us to increase loop time, and not use other handy features such as QCoding in order to reduce resource usage. I think we could save a lot of time and head aches if we could set the cycle time of certain function groups. Not everything we code needs to be evaluated every cycle, some stuff maybe needs to be checked once a second. Therefore it would be good to be able to set a function group priority and cycle time.

Example: One function group is set to "High Priority" and must be evaluated within its defined loop time, say 50ms. and another function group, that is not critical to any machine control, is set to "lowest priority" and assigned a loop time of 1000ms. Because it is low priority the controller would try to updated it within 1 second of the previous update but it could take a bit longer (bumped due to priority) if the cpu is busy with a time critical function group.

I just believe we waste too much time updating non critical functions/systems and it would be nice to have a little more control over where the cpu spends and prioritizes most of its time.