IQANdesign 5 released

We are happy to announce that IQANdesign 5 is released, bringing in powerful features for team collaboration and a brand new look! 

Main feature updates

New system layout 

The system layout grid view has been replaced by free positioning of the modules and buses.

Add button
  Tool bars and context menus are replaced by an Add button in all views where you can add components. The Add button has additional features such as component search and hints.

Dynamic block diagrams 

  Block diagrams now only shows pins that have channels assigned. Also other improvements such as pins showed separately for multi-pin channels and multiple categories for some I/O types, e.g. HS/LS categories for digital outputs.

Solution library
  Solution library added that lets you add ready-made solutions to your applications from the Add button.

External functions
  A new concept that allows you to place application logic in a file external to the project file where it is used. By doing that, you can reuse code in multiple projects, and also make it possible for two or more persons to work on the same project simultaneously.
Instances of the external function in the main project file can be automatically updated when the function in the external file is updated.

Move image and line controls in runtime
  It is now possible to control X and Y positions of images and lines using channels. This will allow you to do simple on-screen animations.

MC4x: CAN routing
  CAN routing adds a new concept of rules and exceptions to simplify routing of CAN frames between CAN ports on MC4 modules.

Software downloads

Check for updates on version 4 will direct you to any upcoming maintenance updates on that version, for downloading version 5, use these links: 

IQANdesign 5

IQANsimulate 5

IQANrun 5

IQANscript 5

IQANanalyze 5

IQANdesign 5 demo video

Features overview:

For more details, see:

IQANdesign 5.00 release notes


JFIN multi-packet for PGN:s with > 8 bytes of data

Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago in IQANdesign • updated 2 months ago 5

In IQAN, we have had the feature for reading of DM1 for ages, and DM2 reading since version 3, but reading other PGN:s that are sent as J1939 multi-packet is more tricky.

I come across more and more applications with requests for reading other PGN:s with > 8 bytes.

With a bit of knowlege and time, it is possible for an IQANdesign user to implement reading of BAM and TP.DT using JFIN channels, but it comes at the expense of overriding the DM1/DM2 reading features. 

With a more integrated feature for J1939 multi packet, using e.g. a JFIN with length > 8 byte, requests such as these could be solved more easily:

With version 5.02  we added two features for outgoing multi-packet (DM1 and text), now might be a good time to develop incoming multi-packet further?  



View PDF on screen (MD4)

Would be nice to be able to view PDF's, such as owner manuals, etc.

Ethernet/modbus communications protocols on MD4?

David Holcomb 4 years ago in IQANdesign • updated by Jos Lentfert 1 year ago 3
We frequently are integrating IQAN into larger systems that frequently have Ethernet/modbus in use.  Any hope of getting communication over the ethernet ports?
Under review

re-introduce colors in tool bar

Rob 9 months ago in IQANdesign • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 7


Since V5.0x the Lay-out is changed, like Windows-10, without any color, in my opinion it's not better!, please change it to the older version (see attachments)

 Iqan 5.png

Iqan 4.png

Under review

Ability to label CAN buses, Vref, etc in the List view of a master module

Edward Polzin 1 year ago in IQANdesign • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

I think it would be useful to be able to take the description text from the CAN bus, VRef, etc or add free text to the List view of a master module:

This would allow for clearer definition when sending to a wire harness builder or for troubleshooting.


New System Information channel (SIC)

Jonas Bengtsson 3 years ago in IQANdesign • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 3 years ago 0

Would it be possible to add a SIC that holds the filename used to program the system and also timestamp of the file?

It would help us a lot to keep track of versions, specials and machines.

I know there is Version under Project Properties but it happen to often it don't get updated.


Lamp feature for lables

Fredrik Forsberg 5 years ago in IQANdesign • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 4 years ago 6
It would be nice to have lables with lamp function. Be able to define "Input channel", "ON color" and "OFF color" for lables.It would be easier than making two lables as we do now.

Version 5.02, news in IQANdesign and IQANrun

Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago in IQANdesign • updated 1 year ago 1

Version 5.02 of IQANdesign, IQANsimulate, IQANrun and IQANscript are now released on check for updates. These are the highlights: 

DBC -file import

On the tools menu, there is a new CAN database feature for  .DBC file import. After importing a DBC it is easy to automatically generate JFIN/JPIN, JFOUT//JPOUT, GFIN/GPIN and GFOUT/GPOUT channels from the database.

J1939 features

J1939 library 

A  J1939 library is included in the  CAN database menu in IQANdesign. It gives easy access to creating channels with the standardized PGN and SPN numbers and names. Note that timeouts and transmit rates needs to be set manually. 

DM1 out
There is now a built-in function for generating outgoing DM1 messages based on channel status. Drag the channels to the DM1 out container and set a unique SPN number for each. 
The length of the outgoing message is determined by number of channels with a warning or error status. FMI is set based on the channel status.

New channel type: JTOUT
The J1939 text output channel is used to send text to an external system. It supports multi-packet when text length > 8 bytes.

Support for J1939 address claim
Forces IQAN master modules to claim their J1939 address before starting other J1939 communication. Enabled by a property on the J1939 bus.
Support for J1939 Time/Date
External systems can now set the date and time in a master module using J1939 TDA. Enabled with property on master module.


Connect button
A Connect button with a drop-down for selecting the communication interface has been added to the IQANrun start page. 

The IQANrun multimeter button brings up a free floating window where it is possible to make a new measure group on the fly. 

Channels can be added from the existing measure groups, and also the module block diagrams and application view if this is visible. 

More IQANdesign features

IQAN expansion bus
The use of IQAN expansions in systems with short cycle times is improved by two small changes. Property 'Sample rate divider' is clarified by changing it into "Polling cycle time", and an estimated CAN bus utilization project check is added for expansion buses. 


Property to disable undercurrent detect on Digital out HS+LS added.

Zoom support in page editor
Makes it possible to zoom in and out in the display page editor.

For more details see release notes and IQANdesign 5.02 user manual. 

Under review

J1939 / Generic on the same bus

Rick 2 years ago in IQANdesign • updated by chuck.emmons 8 months ago 6

Currently its not possible to have J1939 & Generic on the same line... why not? As long as the bitcount (29) and KBPS are the same...

The thing is, I need some tricks from both systems. J1939 allows to handle engine messages more easily, and also allows to use the Page Mask byte(s), so the same PGN can be defined multiple times and split ways. But J1939 JFOUT does not allow to change the PGN programmatically, which is needed in this particular case in order to make a reusable library.

Generic JPOUTS do allow a dynamic messageID's, but don't bring the other benefits...