MC2 Error

Graham Walker 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 5

I have been using an MC2 as a control module for an excavator attachment. It was working fine until I added tried to add some CAN communication to send pressure sensor pressure values and joystick inputs to a Data Acquisition System. There were 9 signals. I attempted to load the file on, and at the end of the load it through an error saying something like "no return handshake from Master Module." I tried to reconnect to the system repeatedly but it would not establish a connection. I attempted to use the attachment and the MC2 was not sending out any signals.

After turning the power supply on and off and trying to reconnect unsuccessfully, I tried to read the lights. The following sequence repeated:

-2 long yellow followed by 3 short yellow. While not exact (extra long yellow), does this mean "Waiting for Restart"?

-4 Short Red followed by 1 short yellow: Internal Error

-18 short yellow - is this just the "there is something abnormal going on"?

I read this thread: http://forum.iqan.se/topics/98-mc2-cause-of-internal-errorose/ which seems to describe a similar issue. It seems like the advice is to short the ID pins and start in "safe" mode.

If the "waiting to restart" error keeps appearing even after cutting power and repowering, does that mean I need to try and start the program in "safe" mode and reload the program?

Anyone have a nice clean way to short the ID pins? Should I just put 2 clips on the end of a single wire? And what happens once I successfully reload the program? Should I cut power and then remove the shorting wire so it does not restart in "safe" mode?

It looks like there was an error in the software: I specified it try to broadcast the CAN data out over the wrong bus. The CAN data was also unconnected. In this case the information was not vital to the operation, but I am thinking this would be enough to throw an internal error and cause problems. Can someone confirm or deny that a module shut down could be due to a CAN comm error due to incorrectly spec'd bus OR unconnected CAN Comm cable?

Thank you, Graham


Is there a way to have the startup image display a few seconds longer

Mark 3 years ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 3 years ago 2

I would like for my custom startup image to display for a few seconds longer upon initial startup. Any way to do this?


IP Camera suggestion

Frank Guo 4 years ago • updated by Jos Lentfert 3 years ago 7
Is there any suggestion on the IP camera selection? I did not find much products in the market for industrial vehicle use. We use them on big forklift, container handler and reach stacker.

Hi Frank
True, there are not many products out in the market yet.
We are working on a rugged IP camera that can be of interest for you and it will be released in the near future. I can't disclosed details about this yet but if you talk to your local IQAN support a plan for prototypes and testing can be set up.

Dual dial on MD3

Frederick Duyvejonck 4 years ago • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 1
Would it be possible to have a dual dial (different colors) on one Image Gauge control showing both levels from two circuits?

Cannot open channel info Iqan develop

Adam 4 years ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 4 years ago 3
My software worked fine until yesterday and then it started acting buggy. I cannot open the channel info box. When I click show channel info it flashes like it wants to do something but nothing happens.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and all the different move commands I can find online in case it was off screen somewhere.
Any ideas?

MD4 display orientation

Kevin Arscott 4 years ago 0
The display isn't mounted centrally in the MD4 housing therefore you get thicker bezels around the top and sides of the display. Can the display orientation go one step further and rotate 180 degrees so we have the thin bezel edge around the display at the top rather than the bottom?

Although it doesn't seem like much, it would look aesthetically more pleasing on a project we have coming up.

Forum Next/prev button

Jean-Marc Zanni 4 years ago 0
Just new to the Forum It is wonderful full of good ideas. I would simply suggest that for the newbies like me a Next/Previous feature when you are reading a topic would make the navigation very useful. unless I missed it.


Michael Carlyle 4 years ago • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 5
We are having trouble with Blue Screen Problems with Iqan MD4 when running 3.16 and higher (ever since the cycle time was allowed to be lowered below 25 ms). Running the cycle time higher decreases the occurrence rate. They occur mostly at startup so it is impossible to graph the system utilization.

It did not seem to happen in 3.14.

I have tried updating to 3.18 as there seemed to be some fixes for Blue screen problems but it is still happening.

Trial License - what does it permit and prevent - document this

David Holcomb 4 years ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 4 years ago 2
we have customers regularly questioning exactly what they can and cannot do with the trial license.

During installation, it mentions connection only with simulator, etc. This is very clear and defined , but only available during installation. If this could be added to the manual or a separate document this would let us have a standard answer for customers.
In 3.17, (to be released next week), the 30 day limit is removed. You can use the tools without a license as long as you like. The functional limitations are still there though, the tools are limited to simulation only.

What kind og iqan?

Ruben Bortelid 3 years ago • updated by Roger Sandberg 2 years ago 9

hello and thanks for this great forum.

A have an 2001 IllerIller tdi tracked vehicle, made in Sweden. The driving system is controlled by a iqan system. I attached a picture of the screen. Is there anybody how can tell my what version of iqan it is, and what software a need for adjust parameters? I find a rs232 cable behind the seat, and I guess it is for programming iqan.