Working raport

Tuomas 4 years ago • updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 4 years ago 3
Any solution how to get simple working raport from MD3 (our machines have a laptops what have been connected with USB to MD3)?

Machine driver have to measure working hours and other working details into simple raport and then send it to customer or employer with email.

I have made a save button what saves necessary details into special log file. But the problem is to get this log file easily out from MD3.

I know that, it can be done with IQAN RUN, but its still too complicate to machine driver to learn how to use IQAN RUN then go to right function, and copy paste right values to his/her email.

Is it possible to save this working log file into special directory (like MD3/raports) and then plug the MD3 into laptop, go to right folder and send this raport file to customer?

Or any other more easier way to do this?